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Brook’s VBlog March 23 2011 by brookalviano
March 23, 2011, 4:25 am
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Ok – I had to do this because ANTM was such a big part of my tv life that I need to get this out of my system.

This season is CRAP.

Even with the fabulousness that is Andre – Andre should just jump this sinking dingy and get his OWN damn show! (Now THAT I will watch!)

Mr Jay – get out of there and make a new Canadian Top Model – I know you’ll do well.

Ms Jay – RUN! Run with style.

All I have left in the reality tv world is Iron Chef and Project Runway.

NO audition episode.NO major makeovers.What’s next? A tie win this year? bullcrap!

Back to burlesque blogging…

xoxo Brook


I’mma let you finish… by brookalviano

So its mid-February,  the 14th perfeclty slices this month right in half, and I realise that I should really get on the ‘goals’ I set up for myself back at New Years.

I’ve decided new Years Resolutions are the bullshits.

What you SHOULD do is just survive the holidays, (work off all the turkey and 50-zillion types of cookies your mom, his mom, dad’s mom, his mom’s mom and co-workers have put in front of you or put in tupperware and snuck into your house) and THEN mid-February when you are a functional human again – start thinking about goals.

February is a CRAP month – lets be honest –  it’s the toss away month of the year (I’m sorry to any Feb birthday people out there – props to your parents getting it on on the May 2-4 weekend though).

So when you’re in the February BLARG as I call it – do your resolutions then cause let’s be frank – you’re BORED.

And I am! I swear! I was going to take a couple days and I don’t know, do my taxes – clean everything I own, find my god-damn camera usb cord…

but then a little naked birdy (Obskyura) sent me this website;

oh shits – the ideas are rushing in now… dammit – taxes can wait a bit…


A trip into Brook’s brain – Dec 14 2010 by brookalviano
December 14, 2010, 7:51 pm
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So as I shake off the panic attacks that the holiday season brings on, I’ve decided I need to cleanse my brain as well. And some shoe porn as well – good therapy.

It is now snowing – I do not cringe or fight it, I live here, I accept it; and snow is SO much better when you’re calm. And what better way to embrace the fabulous Canadian winter than with these!

warm and festive!

Jimmy Choo! Now mind you – These lovely babies can only be worn RIGHT NOW, the slush has not come yet – it is dry and cold – take advantage! Also, having a large man to carry you to and from taxi to location is very helpful… hurm… first thing to ask for on my list … wonder what GSP is doing over the holidays….

Ah, I feel revitalized with an injection of shoe porn – now onto what is keeping me going right now.

Stephen Fry

OMG Stephen Fry – I love thee. I wish to get gloriously drunk with you and make you blush talking about sex. It’s quite easy for him (I’ve never seen such a tall man turtle and hide if you mention lady parts). hehehe. So in between episodes of Project Runway (almost done season 6 in LA) I watch episodes of QI – AMAZING British trivia/quiz/talk show hosted by Mr Fry. The best part about the show is that you don’t have to get the answer correct, you have to be interesting – something we should all follow; In this world of everyone instantly correcting each other’s status with their Iphones and Crackberries (but Wikipedia says it was 1964! blah blah blah) – having all the perfect facts in your head is no longer important. Be interesting !  That’s my new mantra.

Stephen Fry – the Arch Deacon in my Church of Humanism

Along with next costume I’m doing for the fabulous Obskyura (btw – thanks to this current project, I am in love with organza again… used to cringe every time I heard its name – but now I dance in its voluminous layers – wanna know what it looks like? You have to attend the  Elvis #1 Tits show in January), I am attempting something totally new – millinery.

when you google image millinery – this is what you get… I have 75% of this picture…

 Apparently… making hats is hard bitches! OMG – such a small space on your body takes up so many pieces and hardware! But I swear if and when I complete this mission – I’ll take a picture (with the camera I’ll get for Christmas – fingers crossed!) and it’ll be so fabulous, everyone will want one…. yah

Ok, I’ve cleansed my brain a bit, time to get back to work (bloggin on your lunch break is fun) and I leave you with this image… gangsta Stephen Fry.


Brook’s Fashion Crack – ANTM Finale!!!! by brookalviano
December 3, 2010, 3:37 am
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Well, another season has passed us by… America’s next top model has chosen another fine girl to throw into the model shark tank.

Swim quickly and gracefully little minnow… you’re gonna need it!

There’s a little rant about orange people… I have issues….


xoxo Brook


Brook’s Fashion Crack – Nov 8 2010 by brookalviano

It’s fashion crack time!

We’re down to 6 girls and they’re in Italy!!! jealous!!! I kinda go off on a rant here about girls trying to be models and complaining about whatever … *spoiler* I don’t kind kind words for them

Sorry to mean.. but it was a monday night and I was high on gold lame… I swear.


Shoe Porn / oh time, you slippery slope by brookalviano
November 1, 2010, 3:27 am
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oh time, you slippery slope…

‘oh yes, I’ll blog 3 times a week, that won’t be so hard. I’ll just do it on my lunch breaks, or while eating dinner…’

funny part about that is that you’re EATING at the time and it’s really hard to type while stuffing food in your face for the precious 15 min you’re given yourself.

‘oh yes, 1 YouTube video a week won’t be too much trouble’

wait – WHAT? my internet is down for a WEEK? wha? oh dammits…

Right – SO, last time I did a shoe porn it was for THANKSGIVING and now it’s Halloween – lovely Brook, just lovely.  October was a blur and now the snow threatened to fall today, and I don’t know WHY people freak out every damn year when it starts to snow likes it’s a freaking zombie apocalypse. Guess what peoples, it gets cold here and that’s GOOD. And then it’ll get warm again. AND that’s GOOD. jeezus…

where was I? oh right – yes, October was a blur, and now to make up for my absence, I have 3 things I have found that I saved to my desktop (oh yah, awesome – right-click!) that I find hella inspiring; so it’s a little more than just shoe porn…  it’s a trip into my braaaaaain

mmmmmmmm vanilla goodness

If these shoes were a building, I would be sitting under the arch slurping a delicious vanilla latte, wearing a red jacket. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, we don’t play in the same sandbox.


her hair will be safe in a light sprinkle


Even though these AMAZING Dior dresses are a season old – I DON’T CARE! I rotate them as my wallpapers on my mac. Every time I turn on my computer – it’s a reminder of what I am forever aiming for in any project; complete and utter knockout, to take the breath away.


mr west - you have captured my attention


and finally, the multiple images in the video for Kanye West’s Runaway. ESPECIALLY the pack of ballerinas. You want the kids to go see the ballet? this is the way. Now I know Mr West can say and do some pretty stupid shit – but put a production crew behind his concepts, (and don’t do anything live) – you get amazing visuals…oh yah, and the song is catchy too.

So that’s what’s running through my brain right now.

And now that my internet is working again – I’ll get back on the fashion-crack vids.

Here’s hoping I get a firmer grip on November.



Shoe Porn – Thanksgiving by brookalviano
October 12, 2010, 3:43 am
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Hope you survived your turkey weekend, I’ll be wearing a few more forgiving things the next couple of days… oh cranberries and stuffing… you evil evil, delicious things…

anyway, I decided that in honour of turkey weekend, I would find some shoe porn on the feathery side, check it out!

When you google ‘feather shoes’, you get some strange results. Thankfully, I came across these AMAZING ones from designer Vicente Rey. Never heard of him before, but he’s on the awesome list now!

So thankyou delicious birds for the meat this weekend, and for your lovely outside bits that were put to good use.

Don’t worry veggies out there, shoe porn is omnivorous.