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Project Runway Canada 2 episode 2 – oh jeez look! a celebrity! by brookalviano
February 4, 2009, 4:53 am
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It’s Elisha Cuthbert Day! Look! We are Canadian! And we have celebrities too! And we want to dress them!

Jessica Biffi – I love you, way to throw in the Popular Mechanics for Kids reference – I totally think that every time I see Elisha Cuthbert.

Future sex bomb? Oh yah, you can see it in that sassy ponytail.

Future sex bomb? Oh yah, you can see it in that sassy ponytail.

Ooooooh! Our first taste of drama! At least not medical drama; Brandon gets called out for forgery! oooooooh the ultimate insult in design.  Margarita throws a fit when coming back from his smoke break, Brandon thinks up a dress, pretty much like every other dress you’ve ever seen…and it happens to look like hers as well. At least hers was black – that teal stuff Brandon chose was ugly.

The next morning; wtf?!?!! Brandon’s dress has turned into a figure skater hoe from hell! And Margarita can’t get the fit right on her naughty business suit – the dramas from yesterday distracted them both from actually making the damn dresses.

Was it just me, or did more than half the people hate their dresses?!? This was a fancy dress for a movie star!! Come on! this is the EASY project!!! What are you going to do when they hand you car parts, or jelly fish and say ‘good luck sucka’ ?????

Daddy Bailey looked flustered with these kids. The look on his face was, “Jeez people! just make a nice dress!!! that’s it!!! stop crying!!!” I wouldn’t have disappointed you sir, I promise.

 I love that Iman says at the runway panel “the person who FAILED will be leaving” no nice beating around the bush like Tyra or Heidi, no ‘please pack your things and go’ . Iman is to the point and the slap of her disapproval gives me chills. “You had immunity and you waisted it, I am so disappointed”

I’m sorry Iman! and I won’t ever drink in the house or bring boys over!

Do not anger me and my fierce wind machine!

Do not anger me and my fierce wind machine!


Oh sweet irony! Brandon and Magarita are in the bottom together!!! I actually screamed at the TV cause I KNOW for a fact they are keeping Brandon around for a few more sound bites…seriously

Um…did anyone else notice the credits kicked in before Margarita’s goodbye?!?! I am pissed! Global! whatcha doing fool?

Let’s hope next week these guys have to make something that isn’t a nice dress. Something that makes them cry for a REAL reason.

See yah next week, don’t freeze!



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