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Project Runway Canada 2 episode 4 – Recycled Ideas…. by brookalviano
February 18, 2009, 5:04 am
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OK, I’m going to be honest…I didn’t really watch this episode with my full attention…but frankly, I’m pretty sure I can sum it up in these blurts;

Model shake-up bitches! Oh it is soooooo on, everyone is all ‘oh I hate you, blah blah blah’  – but I love it when they mix up models. Freshens things up a bit.

Awwwww Jason doesn’t like working in groups…too bad baby poops.

Ok, I’m sorry – the challenge is to design for OTHER fashion houses…EUROPEAN houses….so much for Canadian individualism…just sayin…..

But then again of course the reality twist – you have to use smelly old clothes to make fancy things! hahahaha suckers! Bet you were wishing Marc Jacobs was one of the options for designers – oh SNAP!

OK, Brandon’s slap factor just got to an all time high cause the boy does not know what YSL stands for….ok, I’m not saying that to be in fashion you have to know EVERYONE…(I don’t for sure) but YSL?!?!? In the name of all that is stylish and holy! gaaaaaah

OK – this is the part I kinda zone out – the bickering and crying part – yada yada yada time pases on and magically outfits apear on the runway.

And as I did last week – I totally called Sunny winning the prize. When you can tell an outfit is great when it’s still in pieces – you are golden.

Except Iman gave Sunny the words of death in reality shows = praise. Sunny is now the one ‘to catch up with’ Reality shows do this is order to screw over someone. Tread carefully Sunny, I loves you and don’t want to see you get hurt.

The highlight! Sound-byte Brandon is outta here! Sorry dude, take your chain smoking butt to a library and read up on some fashion history… seriously.

See on the flip side



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I’m so sad that I live in the forsaken land do not get this show…because your reviews crack me up every single week. Keep it up!

Comment by Allie

Once I put on a YSL tie from the 70’s and some random girl on the street said nice tie.

She couldn’t see the freaking label but she could smell it.

If some kid on PJRW don’t even know know what that is some one should ride him around the room in a YSL designed saddle.

Comment by Ryan

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