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5 things I used to wear that got me shunned, but now are fashionable by brookalviano
May 12, 2009, 3:53 am
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Something occurred to me the other day, things that I wore as a young girl that got me ridiculed in grade 7-10 (a horrible time for an awkward girl) are now considered cool and hip with the youngsters today, and some older. Probably including some of those bi-atches from my past. Check this:
1) Dirty denim.
I am a farm girl, and denim just naturally gets dirty on me, even going to the supermarket. When I would wear these jeans to school, grass-stained and faded, I would get the “why can’t you afford BLUE jeans?” The minute I moved to Toronto and started buying myself dark beautiful denim, stores actually started to SELL them grass-stained and faded…wtf?paris

2) Rubber Boots
This is a serious new development, girls are now wearing these to the bars! I used to take my boots of on the bus and run from the bus to the door just so I wouldn’t make an entrance with these big clunkers. Oh have times changed.Rubber_Boots

3) Scarves and mittens
Remember when it was cool to freeze your ass off? Only the cool kids would stand outside, jacket open and nothing else. The nerd kids who listened to their MOM wore scarf and mitts. I see grown women wearing mitts with the strings like a toddler! Scarves are the must have with every outfit no matter the season. Staying warm is accepted?Scarf2

4) Coloured/patterned socks

My friend Sarah at Suncee socks will appreciate this one. I come from a house that my Mom has a sock for every occasion, and then she’ll buy you a  pair. I have christmas, easter, valentines, snowflake, puppies and birds just to name a few. Being in Korea for a year helped my sock repertoire (they take socks VERY serious there) If I crossed my legs in school and someone saw a cat face looking back at you – there was humiliation coming.socks

5) Crazy sunglasses

This goes back 2 generations. I love going sunglasses shopping (I hardly ever spend more then $20 on sunglasses because they seem to have a tendency of falling out of my purse or pocket). But what I see now are the big neon plastic frames of my youth, the GIANT 80’s ones my Mom wore with a prescription AND the cats eye ones she wore as a child! And I know for a fact they were not considered hip then!    neon

In conclusion – kids, wear whatever the hell you want, eventually everything comes in style, no matter how stupid or clever. Parents, everything you hate, your child will wear at least once, just go with it, or pull out yours from high school for them and they can save money, seriously.

I realize now I mentioned my Mom a few times in this. Happy Mother’s Day! I SWEAR I wore my scarf and mitts everyday at school….I swear…well I do now…



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Thanks for the mention, lady. And yes, patterned socks are the biggest thing in 2009!

Comment by Sarah

im actually 15 nd i wear th jeans boots and socks constantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michaela elaine<3

Comment by michaela

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