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CNTM episode 2 – the makeovers! fast and furious… by brookalviano
June 6, 2009, 3:31 am
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Ok – I haven’t done this in a while because for some reason they expect me to do my JOB at work…yeeesh

But I DID finally find someone on youtube that provides me CNTM – because for some RETARDED reason CTV decided not to stream episodes…oh but I can catch up on Private Practice…yay.

Anywho – makeovers! Lets get right to the point – 

LOVE – Rebeccah! (as she put it turning left to right bam! bam!)

on the fence – Nikita! (no matter how much you bitch – your hair has put you in the final 3 – guaranteed)

meh – Meaghan (still not sold on you, either something magical happens when you get those braces off…or BUY a personality!)

OK, the photoshoot – love it, maybe because I love the AGO, but I’m waiting to see an episode where they feature Canadian designers instead of just the last episode because they HAVE to do a show in Toronto…or maybe they won’t even do that.

I knew Jill was out  – she was not into this AT all – she even admits it at the end. WHY would you go on a reality show if you didn’t ab-so-fuckin-lutely want this more than anything.

And in conclusion – did anyone else hear Jay at judging? “Girl you look FIERCE…and I hate that word” BWAH??!?! I had to back it up and play it again. Jay you spit out FEEEEEIRCE with Tyra for almost 3 seasons – don’t you go back on your word now! Or did Queen Tyra kill the love of fierce in you….. how many more seasons do you have before the show has ‘economic problems’

(*sniff* Paulina)


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