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CNTM season 3 episode 5 – let’s get comfy by brookalviano
June 27, 2009, 8:50 pm
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OK, saw the episode, and frankly, they are NOT throughing any curve balls for me. Is anyone else surprised Rebeka was the next to go?
She was one of my favourites at the very beginning but as time goes on in the fishbowl – the cracks start to show….and that girl had cracks!
She had one of my most favourite makeovers – loved it – bam! like she said. But it turns out you have problems with ‘people judging you’?!?!?! wtf are you doing on a modelling show on TV?!?! ohmigawd girl.
I’m not even going to talk about the shoot because it was a waste of a phone add. ouch.
Next week off? Maryam – no question. Girl still doesn’t have a passport and they are doing go-sees in New York. (cause go-sees suck in Toronto, hmmmm Mr Jay?) and she can’t photoshoot herself into that. Unless this show actually through me for a curve…but I doubt it.
Back to old episodes of Project Catwalk for some dramas.


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