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Brook’s Quicky – Paris FW SS10 – Alexander McQueen by brookalviano
October 19, 2009, 1:52 am
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Mr Alexander McQueen;

You are just f***ing amazing. I have wanted to eat your brains in hopes of a fashion-zombie-like-absorption of your talents… don’t be freaked out – this is my ultimate fashion compliment.

Just. wow. And I’m having a hard time trying to put the words in the correct order to explain without sounding really weird. f**k.

OK – here goes, you make the craziest-ass shapes on women’s bodies – but they still look like women’s bodies.

You have gorgeous alien women wear reverse-mohawks and it actually looks awesome.

The fabric this season; it looks like you took everything in nature; skins, leaves, and the sky and digitally meshed them onto fabric in lava-lamp-like patterns and it looks original…  There it is; in a world where everything has been done…  You surprise the shit out of me, you are making original things.

And you make me curse alot – that means I like you.

gaaaaah dammit your brains!

gaaaaah dammit your brains!

luv Brook


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