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My nerdy adventure – Mario Question Box by brookalviano

Every once in a while I take a break from glamour and cinched waists – and just have a nerd bust-out… this is one of those times.

Two years ago for our journey to PAX in Seattle, I made my man James and myself some bags for wandering around the converntion hall. James’ space invaders bag and my mario fireflower backpack were good fun. And now it’s time for the very first PAX East in Boston! Much easier commute on this one! This was cause for something special…some experiment!

I decided I wanted to instead of another accessory for myself, to make a gift for Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade (Mike and Jerry – the guys who put on PAX). Something to says thanks for coming over to our side of the Americas, and saving me a 7 hour flight on crappy Air Canada.

What to give nerds that have everything?… I pondered… something squishy is a good idea (evil baggage handlers and who doesn’t love something squishy?)… and then it came to me – the gift that keeps on giving; Mario Question Box!


 In my quest to master the foam (for future laptop bags) I made a foam box, and added my signature Brook zigzag skills into action. Thats a zipper on top to get at the prize inside. Prize to be determined soon. But below I have provided a story of the Question Box, and the prize it gave me!

punch!this'll make you grow!

well, it aint mushrooms, but it'll do!

Hope you enjoyed my nerdy skit! I’ll be presenting the Question Box to our hosts at PAX East this weekend. Wish me luck!

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