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The debut of something new from Brook! by brookalviano

Hey there!

Yah, It’s been a while, I’ve been a bad bad blogger – but I have to share with you my new project – video blog!

I figure I need some practice if I’m ever going to be on Project Runway. (just love those confessionals)

And for realz – I talk better and faster than I can write.

Let’s see how this goes; here’s my third installment – talking about ANTM cycle 14 episodes 5-6.

You get to see the inside of my studio/dungeon. I’m trying to decide what colour to paint one of the walls – send me suggestions!



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I love your video blogs Brook! I don’t even watch ANTM (I’m a Drag Racer myself) but your take on the show is entertaining! Keep it up! Also, is there even room on your wall for paint?! Your photos, etc., seem to be doing a great job as a wall covering! 🙂

Comment by JLo

I LOVEE the alex wang shirt the whole look is great but the shirt is such a statement piece.

Comment by Tilda Okie

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