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A trip into Brook’s brain – Dec 14 2010 by brookalviano
December 14, 2010, 7:51 pm
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So as I shake off the panic attacks that the holiday season brings on, I’ve decided I need to cleanse my brain as well. And some shoe porn as well – good therapy.

It is now snowing – I do not cringe or fight it, I live here, I accept it; and snow is SO much better when you’re calm. And what better way to embrace the fabulous Canadian winter than with these!

warm and festive!

Jimmy Choo! Now mind you – These lovely babies can only be worn RIGHT NOW, the slush has not come yet – it is dry and cold – take advantage! Also, having a large man to carry you to and from taxi to location is very helpful… hurm… first thing to ask for on my list … wonder what GSP is doing over the holidays….

Ah, I feel revitalized with an injection of shoe porn – now onto what is keeping me going right now.

Stephen Fry

OMG Stephen Fry – I love thee. I wish to get gloriously drunk with you and make you blush talking about sex. It’s quite easy for him (I’ve never seen such a tall man turtle and hide if you mention lady parts). hehehe. So in between episodes of Project Runway (almost done season 6 in LA) I watch episodes of QI – AMAZING British trivia/quiz/talk show hosted by Mr Fry. The best part about the show is that you don’t have to get the answer correct, you have to be interesting – something we should all follow; In this world of everyone instantly correcting each other’s status with their Iphones and Crackberries (but Wikipedia says it was 1964! blah blah blah) – having all the perfect facts in your head is no longer important. Be interesting !  That’s my new mantra.

Stephen Fry – the Arch Deacon in my Church of Humanism

Along with next costume I’m doing for the fabulous Obskyura (btw – thanks to this current project, I am in love with organza again… used to cringe every time I heard its name – but now I dance in its voluminous layers – wanna know what it looks like? You have to attend the  Elvis #1 Tits show in January), I am attempting something totally new – millinery.

when you google image millinery – this is what you get… I have 75% of this picture…

 Apparently… making hats is hard bitches! OMG – such a small space on your body takes up so many pieces and hardware! But I swear if and when I complete this mission – I’ll take a picture (with the camera I’ll get for Christmas – fingers crossed!) and it’ll be so fabulous, everyone will want one…. yah

Ok, I’ve cleansed my brain a bit, time to get back to work (bloggin on your lunch break is fun) and I leave you with this image… gangsta Stephen Fry.



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